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LiteSpeed Enterprise, the ultimate choice for high-traffic WordPress websites seeking unparalleled speed and performance
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Fastest Web Server

Supreme Performance

Experience best performance as LiteSpeed outpaces Apache by 84X and NGINX by 12X for running WordPress websites.

LiteSpeed Web Server Benchmarks

LiteSpeed Cache Plugin

Optimize with Ease

Enhance your website speed with the LiteSpeed Cache plugin, an all-in-one solution fully compatible with LiteSpeed.

Discover the Power of LSCache

Built-in Cache

Server-level Cache

By caching your pages, posts, and resources, LiteSpeed’s cache ensures that website pages load quickly for new visitors .

Explore the Benefits of LiteSpeed Cache


LiteSpeed Enterprise Web Server

Our WordPress LiteSpeed hosting handle more traffic, so your sites run faster and smoother under high load

HTTP/3 Ready

Embrace LiteSpeed's HTTP3 protocol for a significant performance boost over traditional HTTP.

Free CDN

Enhance global user experience, providing 83+ global locations for serving your visitors from the nearest location.


LiteSpeed's event-driven architecture is specifically designed for efficiently handling high-traffic loads.

Async Architecture

Processes each request asynchronously, ensuring smooth operations without waiting for previous requests to finish.

WordPress LiteSpeed Hosting Benchmarks

User-Friendly Control Panel

LiteSpeed WordPress Hosting on cPanel

Our hosting platform provides an intuitive control panel, enabling you to quickly manage all your WordPress websites

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cPanel Dashboard


LiteSpeed Cache Plugin Features

No need to pay extra for caching plugins when a feature-rich cache plugin is already in place

Free Forever

Take advantage of LiteSpeed's free, fully-compatible, and built-in cache plugin for WordPress.

Minify & Combine

LSCache empowers you to minify and combine CSS and JavaScript files, reducing page size for faster loading.

Lazy Loading & Image Optimization

Benefit from Lazy Loading and image compression, ensuring smaller image sizes without compromising quality.

Improve Performance Stats

Enhance your page load performance by deferring/delaying JavaScript files until after your page has finished loading.


Our Users

Elevate your online presence with our LiteSpeed WordPress hosting

Small Businesses

Tailored web hosting plans for your growth. Our LiteSpeed WordPress hosting ensures your website evolves easily with your business needs.


Enhance client offerings with our LiteSpeed Enterprise hosting. Grow your ROI by providing an optimized experience with fast LiteSpeed server.


Leverage advanced caching and CDN capabilities using our LiteSpeed web hosting to ensure your store loads fast even during peak traffic.


Simplify website launch on LiteSpeed web server. Enjoy features like a robust file manager, databases, SSH access, and support for multiple PHP versions.


Easily create amazing blogs on fast LiteSpeed WordPress hosting and with our global CDN with 83+ locations, your visitors will quickly access your blogs.


Design stunning websites without compromising on speed. Our LiteSpeed hosting is compatible with numerous WordPress themes and plugins.


Experience Unmatched LiteSpeed WordPress Hosting

A performance boost that takes your online businesses and e-commerce stores to the next level

  • Speed Optimization

    Our LiteSpeed web hosting ensures lightning-fast website load times, optimizing performance for your WordPress sites.

  • Reliability

    With a precision-engineered design, our LiteSpeed WordPress hosting guarantees performance boost with unmatched reliability.

  • LiteSpeed Hosting on cPanel

    Every account includes high-speed LiteSpeed servers and a user-friendly, powerful cPanel for easy management.

  • High-Value Investment

    Experience budget-friendly LiteSpeed web server for WordPress at Choose the right plan and witness the superior performance.

  • Ultra-Fast Web Servers

    Our powerful cloud servers, equipped with the latest hardware and LiteSpeed servers, ensure fast website loading, even during peak hours.

  • LiteSpeed Enterprise for All

    We utilize LiteSpeed Enterprise on all plans, offering a free CDN "Standard" plan (83+ global locations) and a robust DNS Manager.

  • HostWP Advantage
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    Optimized Built-in Cache

    With our LiteSpeed web hosting and server-level cache, your WordPress sites will run smoothly in high load

    Brotli Compression

    Compresses web resources, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files, reducing overall page load time.

    Page Caching

    Experience the efficiency of LiteSpeed's page caching, serving pages directly to visitors without regenerating them.

    Dynamic Cache (ESI)

    "Edge Side Includes" break down dynamic content into sections, allowing for optimizing dynamic content delivery.

    SSL Acceleration

    LiteSpeed's SSL acceleration feature ensures your HTTPS pages load 3X faster than Apache.