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Elevate your WordPress journey at HostWP with state-of-the-art hardware, abundant server resources, lightning-speed NVMe (faster SSD), and the unparalleled prowess of LiteSpeed Enterprise


Specialized Hosting for WordPress, a standout Hostinger alternative, sets itself apart with unparalleled speed, unwavering reliability, and personalized support from dedicated WordPress engineers

WP Expert Support

Experience top-notch support with our dedicated team of WordPress Engineers, ensuring expert assistance for all your WordPress and hosting needs.

No Surprise Renewals

At, we strongly believe in transparency. Know exactly what your investment covers—no hidden surprises or renewals on any of our web hosting plan.

No Strict Limits

There are no strict usage limits. Our pricing plans are based on the number of websites you have, ensuring a straightforward and flexible hosting experience.

WordPress Manager

Our WordPress Manager is packed with features for easy WordPress staging & cloning, quick remote migrations, daily backups, and more – all just a few clicks away.

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LiteSpeed Enterprise

LiteSpeed Enterprise is considered as 84 times faster than Apache and 12 times faster than NGINX for hosting and running your WordPress websites smoothly.

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Ultra-Fast Servers

Experience faster website loading, even during busy traffic hours, with our robust cloud servers equipped with the latest hardware and NVMe (faster SSD) drives.

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Hostinger vs

This comparison table provides a concise overview of key features, emphasizing the differences between Hostinger and HostWP, especially for their suitability for hosting WordPress

(Comparing the lowest plans - Updated in January 2024)



LiteSpeed Enterprise CDN with 83+ Global Locations

Ecommerce Optimized

Create Staging of Your WordPress Sites

Object Cache (Redis & Memcached) for WordPress

On-Demand & Incremental Daily Backup

Faster DNS Manager via QUIC.Cloud

Priority Support by WordPress Engineers

High Speed NVMe Storage (Faster SSD)

Overall Security & DDoS Protection by CPGuard & QUIC.Cloud

Number of Files and Directories (Inodes)


400 000

Monthly Visitors (All Websites Combined)


~ 25 000

Number of Subdomains



Compare Pricing

At, there are no strict usage limits. Our pricing plans are based on the number of websites you have, ensuring a straightforward and flexible hosting experience


Your Prime Hostinger Alternative

Elevate your online ventures and e-commerce stores with – the leading alternative to Hostinger, delivering a significant performance boost with expert support

  • Swift Performance Optimization

    Redefining speed, our highly-optimized stack with cloud servers guarantees lightning-fast load times, specifically optimized for WordPress websites.

  • WordPress Expert Support

    Tailored for WordPress, our dedicated support team ensures expert assistance, providing hosting and WordPress solutions for a smooth experience.

  • No Hidden Surprises

    At, know exactly what your investment covers—experience peace of mind with no hidden surprises or restrictive usage limits.

  • High-Value Investment

    Experience a budget-friendly Hostinger alternative to host your WordPress websites. Choose the right plan and witness the superior performance.

  • Ultra-Fast Web Servers

    Our powerful cloud servers, equipped with the latest hardware and NVMe (Faster SSD), ensure rapid website loading, even during peak hours.

  • LiteSpeed Enterprise for All

    Every plan includes LiteSpeed Enterprise, a free CDN with 83+ global locations, and a robust DNS Manager–all at no extra cost.

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Our Users

Unlock worry-free website management, allowing you to concentrate on business growth while we ensure your sites stay up and secure

Small Businesses

Tailored web hosting plans for small to mid-size businesses, providing the powerful features and flexibility important to grow your online business built on top of WordPress.


Elevate client value with our optimized cloud servers and user-friendly WordPress Manager, providing a superior environment for managing multiple sites easily.


Ensure WooCommerce store consistency, even during peak hours, leveraging advanced caching and a built-in CDN integration with 83+ global locations.


Simplify the launch and management of multiple WordPress websites, with quick access to file management, databases, SSH, and various PHP versions for easy development.


Manage your WordPress websites easily with our user-friendly panel, build dream blogs on the fastest WordPress hosting with a global CDN to serve your visitors worldwide.


Unleash your creativity with our powerful stack, compatible with various WordPress versions, page builders, plugins, and themes, giving you freedom for exceptional designs.


Clear Pricing, No Surprises

At, we keep it simple and transparent. Know exactly what you're getting for your investment with our tailored plans that suit your WordPress hosting needs



Additional Setup Fee $4.99 — Renews at $11.99/mo

Best for Small Sites

25,000 Monthly Visitors

400,000 Files & Folders Limit

RAM & CPU: Unknown

NVMe Storage

LiteSpeed Enterprise

Ecommerce Optimized


NO Setup Fee — Renews at $9.99

Best for Startups

Unlimited Visitors

Unlimited Files & Folders

1 GB RAM & 1 Core*

High Speed NVMe Storage (Faster SSD)

LiteSpeed Enterprise

Ecommerce Optimized

Start at $1

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Frequently Asked Question

  • What makes a top Hostinger alternative? stands out as a top Hostinger alternative due to its emphasis on speed, reliability, and dedicated support by WordPress Engineers.

    With LiteSpeed Enterprise, NVMe SSD storage, and a WordPress Manager utility, provides a superior hosting experience.

  • Can I run Ecommerce stores with

    Yes! You can host your Ecommerce store running on WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, or any other platform.

    All our pricing plans support Ecommerce hosting but we recommend starting with the “Pro” plan and upgrading to a higher plan if required.

  • Tell me more about the Early Bird plan and its benefits.

    The Early Bird plan is a limited-time introductory offer providing higher server resources at a lower cost. Customers who avail this plan enjoy enhanced performance on their hosting at a discounted rate.

    Use the coupon code “EARLY” to get the first month at $1 for the “Starter”, “Pro”, and “Earlybird” plans.

  • What kind of support can I expect for my WordPress sites?

    At, we take pride in delivering specialized support by WordPress Engineers.

    Our skilled team ensures your WordPress websites receive swift assistance and a dependable hosting environment to achieve optimal experience.

  • What security measures are in place to protect my website?

    Security is a top priority at for both your WordPress websites and your hosting account.

    All our plans come with built-in DDoS protection through CPGuard, accessible from your hosting panel. You can further enhance security with features, guarding against malicious attacks.

    Furthermore, we’ve implemented server-level security features with CPGuard, providing an additional layer of enhanced protection.

  • How does CDN boost my websites' performance? CDN “Standard” plan, included for free with all our plans, enhances your website’s performance by distributing content globally through its 83+ locations.

    This results in faster loading times, improved user experience, and optimized delivery of your website assets.

  • Any limitations on server resources* like CPU and RAM?

    Our pricing plans transparently list the maximum amount of resources available on your account. If your WordPress websites require more resources, you can easily upgrade your account.

    Your hosting charges are calculated based on the number of websites you have, ensuring a flexible and straightforward hosting experience without hidden surprises.