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WordPress Management Made Easy

Our WordPress Manager is a complete solution to your website maintenance needs
Remote Migration, Clonging, Staging, Backups, etc. just a few clicks away

Easy to Use


WordPress Manager provides you with a simple and easy-to-use interface to manage multiple WordPress websites.

All-in-one Solution


Packed with features that allow you to perform remote migrations fast, create staging, cloning, backups, and much more.

1-Click Operations

Easy Management

Most of the operations are just a few clicks away to manage multiple WordPress installations from a single screen.


All-in-one Solution

WordPress Manager is jam-packed with features that give you complete control to manage your WordPress sites

WordPress Manager -
WordPress Manager

1-Click WordPress Install

With our WordPress Manager, you can install WordPress in just a few clicks. No need to manually download it yourself.


WordPress Manager

The WordPress Manager is a complete solution from Remote Importing website(s) via FTP to managing multiple websites.


Staging & Cloning

Create staging and cloning environments to test changes before pushing them to a live website.


Manage Plugin/Theme Updates

Check updates, and set auto-update on specific plugins, themes, or WordPress core with the Smart updates feature.

WordPress Manager List Websites
Listing all Websites

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