NVMe WordPress Hosting for Better Performance

NVMe, a Faster SSD, is ideal for high-traffic websites and offers unparalleled loading speed, making it a top choice for faster websites

NVMe SSD Experience

Unbeatable Performance

NVMe SSDs offer incredibly fast read and write speeds making them ideal for use in high-performance WordPress websites.

Reliable NVMe Web Hosting

Enhanced Reliability

Speed and reliability are important factors to consider while hosting a WordPress website, and NVMe SSDs deliver on both fronts.

Faster Loading Times

High-speed Data Transfer

Our NVMe-based hosting enables faster data transfers than traditional SATA or SAS ensuring faster loading time for your visitors.


High-Speed WordPress Stack

Experience unmatched performance with NVMe storage, powerful CPU and RAM, LiteSpeed Enterprise, and fast servers

WordPress LiteSpeed Hosting Benchmarks

Request Per Second (100 users)

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Built-in Server Cache

NVMe hosting with LiteSpeed's server-level cache boosts WordPress site page loading speed for new visitors and efficiently managing high traffic, ensuring a fast and smooth experience for all users.

LiteSpeed - LSCache - WordPress Plugin
Powerful Cache Plugin

The best WordPress cache plugin with Pagespeed, image optimization, and lots of customization options. You won't need to pay extra for caching plugins because everything you need is included. CDN

By combining LiteSpeed Enterprise with CDN integration, your WordPress websites reach a global audience. They're served from over 83 locations, ensuring speedy delivery for entire website.


NVMe – The Future of Faster SSD

If you're seeking the fastest WordPress websites, NVMe web hosting is the way forward

Fast Server Response Time

The NVMe hosting with high-performing CPU, RAM, and LiteSpeed Enterprise ensures fast server response times.

NVMe WordPress Hosting Performance

Due to the faster I/O rate, NVMe SSD can dramatically improve the speed of your WordPress websites.

Top-notch I/O Rate

This indicates that NVMe SSD can access, process, and distribute data much faster than traditional hard drives.

Low Queue Depth

The NVMe SSD ensures less latency in queue depth resulting in serving more requests in less time.


Fast, Secure & Always Online

We take care of keeping your websites up so you can focus on growing your business

WP Manager

An all-in-one solution to manage multiple sites. Migrate, stage, clone, backup, and more!

LiteSpeed Cache

Maximize Core Web Vitals with NVMe WordPress hosting and built-in LiteSpeed cache plugin

Human Support

Get 24/7 expert help with any WordPress issue, big or small, from our dedicated support team

99.9% Uptime

Rest assured, your WordPress sites will be online 24/7, even during peak traffic times

Business Email

Create unlimited free email addresses such as name@company(.)com to gain customers’ trust

Daily Backup

Incremental auto backup all your websites, account, etc. with 1-click restore of individual files

Security Suite

Our plans include cPGuard, a lightning-fast CDN, and CloudLinux for top-notch WordPress security


Enjoy free Let's Encrypt SSL certificates to keep your website data encrypted and secure

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Faster Loading Times with NVMe

Our NVMe WordPress hosting ensures faster loading time for your visitors

Fast Read/Write

NVMe SSDs provide high random read/write IOPS that loads your WordPress websites faster than ever.

NVMe Shared Hosting

NVMe outperforms in shared hosting environment making it ideal for WordPress sites and e-commerce stores.

Swift File Access

NVMe SSD access, process, and serve files much faster than any traditional hard drive.

Transfer Speeds

Due to the fastest Read/Write speed, NVMe SSD drives transfer files and serve data much quicker.

User-Friendly Control Panel

NVMe Hosting on cPanel

Our hosting platform provides an intuitive platform, enabling you to quickly manage all your WordPress websites

WordPress cPanel Hosting -

cPanel Dashboard


Experience the Best NVMe Hosting

Choosing's NVMe SSD hosting propels your online businesses and e-commerce stores to new heights

  • Speed Optimization

    Our NVMe web hosting delivers reduced website load times and enhance performance for sites.

  • Reliability

    Thanks to its precision-engineered design, our NVMe WordPress hosting ensures secure storage to your data.

  • NVMe on cPanel

    At, each account comes with high-speed NVMe SSDs and an easy-to-use and powerful cPanel.

  • High-Value Investment

    Try's budget-friendly NVMe hosting for WordPress. Pick the right plan and see the difference.

  • Ultra-Fast Web Servers

    Our powerful cloud servers with the latest hardware & NVMe drives ensure your sites load faster, even during peak traffic hours.

  • LiteSpeed Enterprise for All

    LiteSpeed is considered 84x faster than Apache and 12x more than NGINX web servers for hosting and running your WordPress sites.

HostWP Advantage
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Why Choose for WordPress?

Many hosting providers offer WordPress hosting, but they may not well-optimized for your needs. Here's why stands out


LiteSpeed Enterprise

Free CDN with 83+ Global Locations

WordPress Performance & Security Focused

Create Staging of WordPress Websites

Object Cache (Redis & Memcached)

On-Demand & Incremental Daily Backup

Faster DNS Manager via QUIC.Cloud

Priority Support by WordPress Engineers

High Speed NVMe Storage (Faster SSD)

Overall Security & DDoS Protection by CPGuard & QUIC.Cloud

Number of Files and Directories (Inodes)



Monthly Visitors (All Websites Combined)



Number of Subdomains



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Most Reliable

NVMe hosting is designed for enterprise WordPress websites demanding quick and reliable storage

End-to-end Encryption

Our NVMe WordPress hosting offers end-to-end data protection for safe storage and retrieval.

Robust Design

This makes them more resistant to damage from vibration or impact, keeping data safe even in harsh environments.

High-quality Components

NVMe SSDs typically use higher-quality components, which also contributes to their increased reliability.


Due to the use of high-quality components, and less power consumption, NVMe SSDs are more durable.


Our Users

Elevate your online presence with our NVMe web hosting

Small Businesses

Our NVMe hosting plans are designed specifically for small and mid-sized business WordPress websites, providing poweful features and flexibility needed for growing your business.


Provide more value to your clients and increase retention rates by hosting on our highly optimized NVMe web hosting with user-friendly control panel and feature-rich WordPress Manager.


Our NVMe hosting offers advanced caching and CDN integration, ensuring your stores remain highly responsive and perform consistently, even during peak hours.


Easily launch and manage WordPress sites with our NVMe SSD hosting. Gain access to a range of features, including file manager, databases, SSH, and multiple PHP versions, making development hassle-free.


With our fast NVMe WordPress hosting and global CDN, easily create your ideal blogs. Quickly access your WordPress websites and important features seamlessly through our user-friendly and powerful cPanel.


Without sacrificing performance, design stunning websites using your preferred plugins or page builders. Our web hosting is fully compatible with a wide range of WordPress versions, themes, and plugins.

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Frequently Asked Question

  • How is different from the rest?

    At, you host WordPress websites on high-performing LiteSpeed Enterprise web servers with fast NVMe SSD storage powered by Ryzen Epyc CPUs.

    All our plans include CDN “Standard” plan for FREE with 83+ locations worldwide.

  • Can I run Ecommerce stores with

    Yes! You can host your Ecommerce store running on WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, or any other platform.

    All our WordPress hosting plans support Ecommerce solutions, however, we recommend starting with the “Pro” plan and upgrading to a higher plan if required.

  • What’s the Early Bird plan?

    The Early Bird plan is a limited-time introductory plan that will soon be unavailable to purchase. Customers who buy the Early Bird plan will be grandfathered and continue to enjoy higher server resources on less cost.

    Use the coupon code “EARLY” to get the first month at $1 for “Starter”, “Pro”, and “Earlybird” plans.

  • What is “WordPress Manager”?

    The “WordPress Manager” is a built-in utility at from which you can easily migrate websites via the “Remote Import” feature, and manage all your WordPress installations without logging into each website separately.

    It lists all your installed WordPress websites and gives you an overview of what plugins/themes need to update on which website. You can also create a clone, staging, or backup of your websites.

  • Why LiteSpeed Enterprise & NVMe SSD best for my website?

    LiteSpeed is 84X faster than Apache and 12X more than NGINX web servers. This is why LiteSpeed Enterprise is the number one choice for hosting WordPress websites for better performance. It also has a free and feature-rich WordPress cache plugin. Read more at LiteSpeed hosting.

    The NVMe is an advanced form of SSD. They access, process, and serve files much faster than any traditional hard drives resulting in faster page load speed for your websites. Read more at NVMe WordPress hosting.

  • How much server resources I can consume*?

    Our pricing plans transparently list the maximum RAM and CPU available on your account. If your WordPress websites require more resources, you can easily upgrade your account.