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Who Can Benefit from Promoting

Unlock worry-free website management, allowing your audience to concentrate on business growth while we ensure their sites stay up and secure

Small Businesses

Reliable & affordable: Help small businesses grow online with's powerful features, flexibility, and scalability.


Elevate client value: Promote's user-friendly WordPress Manager for agencies to manage multiple sites with ease.


Smooth performance: Help online stores stay ahead with's advanced caching, powerful processing, and 83+ global CDN locations.


Simplify workflow: Promote's developer-friendly features such as file management, SSH access, Clone, Staging, and Create templates.


Build dream blogs: offers user-friendly WordPress manager and hosting control panel with global CDN for bloggers worldwide.


Creative freedom: Promote – a powerful stack compatible with various themes, plugins, and third-party page builders.

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Why Your Audience Would be Interested?

Many hosting providers offer WordPress hosting, but they may not well-optimized for specific needs. Here's why stands out


LiteSpeed Enterprise CDN with 83+ Global Locations

Performance & Security Focused

Create Staging of WordPress Websites

Object Cache (Redis & Memcached)

On-Demand & Incremental Daily Backup

Faster DNS Manager via QUIC.Cloud

Priority Support by WordPress Engineers

High Speed NVMe Storage (Faster SSD)

Overall Security & DDoS Protection by CPGuard & QUIC.Cloud

Number of Files and Directories (Inodes)



Monthly Visitors (All Websites Combined)



Number of Subdomains



Our WordPress hosting plans offer the flexibility your audience would need to build any website. Focus on design and content, and leave the hosting-hassles to us

All Plans Include

Money Back Guarantee (30 days)


LiteSpeed Enterprise

1-Click WordPress Installation

Ecommerce Optimized

24/7/365 Human Support

Free Migration

Best Core Web Vitals Score

Usage Monitoring & Statistics

Redis & Memcached

2FA, IP Blocker, Hotlink Protection

Unlimited Databases (phpMyAdmin)

Unlimited Business Emails

Unlimited Sub-domains

Unlimited Inodes (Files)

Unlimited FTP accounts

Unlimited Free SSL Certificate

Faster DNS Manager via

WP-CLI & SSH Access

Enhanced Security via cPGuard

Multiple PHP Versions (7.x, 8.x)

Monitor Errors, Resource Usage, Awstats

Cron Jobs Manager

DDoS Protection with cPGuard &

Automated Incremental Daily Backups

Highly Optimized for WordPress

Multiple WordPress Versions

Easy WordPress Sites Manager

Remotely Migrate Sites in Minutes

1-Click Plugins, Themes, Core Updates

1-Click Login, Staging, Cloning, Backup, etc. CDN with 83+ Global Locations

CloudLinux Manager with PHP Options

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Frequently Asked Question

  • Do I need a hosting account to join the affiliate program?

    No, you don’t need a hosting account! Simply register for the affiliate program to access your dedicated affiliate dashboard and start promoting’s powerful WordPress hosting solutions.

  • What is the commission amount? offers a competitive commission rate of 15%. That means you can earn up to $116.98 initially and potentially on lifetime renewals for each sale on the highest plan (currently priced at $779.88 for a year).

    To receive your commission payout, you must reach a minimum threshold of $50 in accumulated commissions.

    There is no limit on how much you can earn through the affiliate program.

  • When will I be paid?

    Payments are processed in the first week following the end of the month, but only after the 30-day money-back guarantee period has passed for all referred sales from the previous month.

    For example, sales referred in January would be paid out between February 1st and February 7th, assuming none of those sales were refunded within the 30-day window.

  • Can I add my Affiliate earnings to pay my web hosting bill?

    Yes, you can! Just contact us at to discuss using your affiliate earnings towards your web hosting bill.

  • How long does my affiliate cookie last?

    Your affiliate cookie has a lifespan of 90 days. Any sales generated within 90 days of a user clicking on your affiliate link will qualify for your commission.

  • What promotion methods are not allowed?

    The following promotion methods are strictly prohibited:

    • Do not engage in negative comparisons: Focus on the positive aspects of The WordPress community thrives on collaboration.
    • Do not promote on coupon code websites: Promotional efforts should be directed towards’s official channels.
    • Do not mislead potential customers: Be upfront and honest about’s services and features.
    • Do not spam: Avoid any practices that could be considered spammy or disruptive, as this can damage’s reputation.
    • Do not use affiliate links in paid advertising: Currently, paid advertising with your affiliate link is not permitted.
    • Do not modify’s logo or branding: Always use the official logos and branding materials provided by
    • Don’t refer yourself: Commissions are not awarded for your own purchases.
  • What promotion methods are encouraged?

    We encourage you to:

    • Promote on your YouTube channel: Create informative videos showcasing the benefits of using for WordPress websites.
    • Promote on social media: Share positive experiences, tutorials, or comparisons (respectful and fact-based) highlighting’s strengths on your social media platforms.
    • Create tutorials and educational content: Develop blog posts, articles, or video tutorials that demonstrate how simplifies WordPress hosting for users.
    • Write articles about Compose informative articles about WordPress hosting or website management, mentioning the advantages of using
    • Email your opt-in subscribers (with permission): Inform your email subscribers (who have opted-in to receive your emails) about’s services and your positive experience (if applicable).
  • Where should I send questions, business proposals, or other advertising opportunities? is always open to exploring new promotional opportunities. Feel free to email us at with your ideas.