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LiteSpeed Hosting for WordPress

LiteSpeed Enterprise offers many features that improve website speed and performance,
making it an ideal choice for high-traffic websites

Fastest Web Server

Supreme Performance

LiteSpeed is 84X faster than Apache and 12X more than NGINX web servers for hosting and running WordPress websites.

LiteSpeed Cache Plugin

WordPress Plugin

A powerful and all-in-one caching plugin designed to improve your website speed. Fully compatible with LiteSpeed Enterprise.

Built-in Cache

Server-level Cache

LiteSpeed’s server-level cache ensures that pages load quickly for new visitors by caching your pages and resources.

Unbeatable Performance

Fastest Web Server

LiteSpeed can handle more traffic, so your site can run faster and smoother under high load


HTTP/3 Ready

LiteSpeed’s HTTP3 protocol is a significant performance improvement over the traditional HTTP protocol.

02. CDN

A game changer for CDN, offers 78+ global locations to serve your visitors from the nearest location.



Uses an event-driven architecture that is designed for handling high-traffic loads very efficiently.


Async Architecture

Processes each request asynchronously, without having to wait for the previous request to finish.

LiteSpeed Performance for WordPress – Source

wordpress plugin

LiteSpeed Cache Plugin

No need to pay extra for caching plugins when a feature-rich cache plugin is already in place


Free Forever

Take full advantage of the free, fully-compatible, and built-in LiteSpeed cache plugin for WordPress.


Minify & Combine

LSCache allows you to minify and combine HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files to reduce page size for faster loading.


Lazy Loading & Image Optimization

Offers Lazy Loading and uses Lossless & Lossy image compression to make images smaller without compromising quality.


Improve Performance Stats

To improve your page load performance, you can defer/delay the JavaScript files until after your page has finished loading.


Server-level Cache

Built-in Cache

With LiteSpeed, & Server level Cache your website will run smoothly in high traffic, thanks to Server-level cache


Brotli Compression

Compresses web resources such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files to reduce page load time.


Page Caching

Caches entire pages as static files which are served directly to visitors without regenerating pages.


Dynamic Cache (ESI)

“Edge Side Includes” breaks dynamic content into sections that can be served differently.


SSL Acceleration

LiteSpeed is 3X faster than Apache at loading HTTPS pages. This is due to the SSL acceleration feature.

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